A memorandum of understanding for the secondment of Turkish officials at the European Commission is signed in Strasbourg by the Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr. Egemen Bagis and the Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Inter Institutional Relations and Administration Mr. Maroš Šefčovič.

In his speech he made at the signing ceremony, Bagis said that the memorandum of understanding is important also because it indicates that Turkey-EU relations are not based on only unfavourable news created by the countries which use Turkey’s EU accession process as an instrument for internal politics.

Indicating that with this memorandum of understanding Turkish national experts will be assigned to the Commission and have the opportunity to gain experience, Bagis said that since the factors which unite them are much stronger than the separatist ones, these experts will be able to mould our common future in cooperation.

With the implementation of the memorandum of understanding, Turkish national experts will be assigned to the Commission. It is foreseen that this process will strengthen the communication between the Turkish experts and the officials of the Commission with which Turkey has been in close cooperation in its EU accession negotiations process. Turkish bureaucrats will work together with the Euroaucrats in policy making and implementation of the EU politics. Turkish officials will take part in policy making and legislation works of the Commission in the future. In other words, Turks will also contribute to the moulding process of the EU's future.

Source: AA